After years of steady economic expansion, our country is experiencing a sudden, massive shift. No community, company, family, or individual has been left completely unaffected by the Coronavirus. In the midst of what could be considered an overwhelmingly negative situation, I choose to look for the silver lining.

As a community, we are moving forward and forming a new post COVID-19 ‘normal.’ We are learning and developing new workstyles, navigating new schedules, and restructuring even our most basic and natural business practices. In this season of change, we must recognize the new opportunities being presented everywhere—even in terms of commercial real estate on the Eastern Shore.

Until recently, our industry saw investors stockpiling cash resources, waiting to invest when deals could move forward at more palatable price. The bustling economy encouraged high property evaluations which gave investors pause when considering acquisitions that would expand their portfolios. In the wake of COVID-19, we’re seeing these same investors take action and pursue attractive investments at favorable terms.

If you’re an investor looking for a silver lining to the corona-crisis of 2020, hear this message: Now is your time. Distressed assets are beginning to pop up throughout Delmarva, giving way to what will be some profitable investments. Inventory is rising, as are the off market, confidential opportunities that are available.

Understanding where the greatest impacts of the pandemic are felt is key in analyzing investment options, as is utilizing local knowledge and resources. Our team is on the forefront of navigating the evolving market and we invite you to engage in our resourceful expertise and community relationships. We are collectively known for producing profitable transactions for our clients. Our positioning in this realm has been cemented through many years of experience and an unwavering commitment to our clients.

Commercial real estate decision-making has evolved in 2020—can the same be said for your portfolio? Let’s work together to ensure that all investment options are laid out on the table in a way that helps you capitalize on the current market.

We look forward to navigating our new ‘normal’ for clients in 2020. Here’s to finding those silver linings—together!

About the Author

Meredith Mears

Meredith Mears is a Licensed Real Estate Advisor with NAI Coastal.  Working in economic and real estate development for more than 18 years, Mears is heavily experienced in senior-level strategic leadership as well as commercial real estate development ranging in use from industrial and medical to mixed-use and retail.  Mears specializes in sourcing and structuring large scale deals for investors and tenants and is recognized as a high level producer in the industry.